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Astrology for Newbies: Reading Birth Charts

Understanding birth charts might seem daunting at first, but once you understand the basics, knowing your chart will be a cinch

First things first, let’s define astrology for a quick minute. Astrology is the interpretation of celestial bodies, which means it’s the way we interpret what is in the sky. It’s an art, and is very subjective which makes it very enticing to a lot of people because it is really interesting that everything has a meaning though not scientific.

So what is a birth chart? Your astrological birth chart is basically a snapshot of the sky at the time and location that you were born. So depending on where in the world you were born and exact time, it’s the picture of what is in the sky at that exact moment, like a map of all the planets, the sun, and the moon. It is very important that you know the specific time, place, and alignment of the heavenly bodies to determine your birth chart, because every hour or so, your birth chart changes because the earth is moving.

The Primal Triad

The primal triad is your sun, your moon, and your ascendant. These three aspects have the biggest impact on your personality.  The sun sign depends on the day you were born and what season you were in. your sun sign represents your personality and is the core of who you are.

The moon sign represents your emotional self. The moon is your sensitivity, your emotions, your feelings, your heart. Oftentimes people veer towards their moon sign than their sun sign because your moon sign is what that harbors your emotions which means you tend to feel more and gravitate towards your moon because of that. Whatever sign you are in your moon, that is a hint of what can make you happy and fulfilled.

Your ascendant, or rising sign is essentially the mask you wear when you go out into the world. It is how others perceive you. Think of it as the first impressions people have when they meet you. Other people might see you in a certain way when they first meet you, and realize you are a different kind of person once they get to know you more. Your ascendant is how you appear to others.

Components of the Birth Chart

There are twelve signs, from Aries to Pisces, accompanied by the ten planets which includes the sun and the moon and the twelve houses, with each house representing specific areas of your life. The different astrological signs corresponds to different characteristics and personalities. The planets correspond with different mind functions, whether it is your ego, your thinking, or your communication.

The twelve houses on the other hand, represent the areas of life. Whether it’s the house of Self, which governs a person’s persona to the house of Secrets or the unconscious, which represents the finalities in our life and the deepest secrets tucked away in our mind.

Making Sense of the Birth Chart

When you see a birth chart, you will see a circular graph with the planets scattered throughout it. Along the border of the circle you will see the twelve zodiac signs like numbers in a clock. In the middle, there are different notations for the numbers which corresponds to the twelve houses.

When looking at a birth chart, start with the planets and look at them one by one. A planet tells you the “what”. Remember that the planets signify the mental functions. The sign that it lands in tells you the “how” and the “why”, take note again that the sign is the personality or the characteristics and will help you decipher the how and the why of that mental function. Lastly, the house that a planet lands in tells you what area of life this is mostly happening, where most of this activity is going in.

So those are the basics of it. It’s not exactly easy or very intuitive at first, you are going to have to practice understanding the birth chart and how the different planets and signs work together. But we hope this gives you the basic knowledge on how to decipher these different signs, and houses, and these planets and what they really mean for you in your life.

Your Zodiac Sign and Your Love Life

How does a person assess one’s love life according to their sign? There are two houses in astrology in particular that are concerned with a person’s significant other. These are the fifth house, and the seventh house. However, we are just going to refer to the fifth house. The fifth house is the house of romantic love, whereas the seventh house is the house of marriage and guess what, they are not both ruled by the same sign and they do equal each other therefore they are treated separately.


If you are an Aries, or an Aries rising sign, your fifth house is governed by Leo. This means you would be a great match for a Leo because fire signs gravitate toward each other. What this also tells about your love life is that you tend to have a very passionate approach towards it. You have a very warm display of affection and are very forthcoming when displaying your affections. However, you probably also have quite an ego when it comes to romantic affairs and you want the person you are romantically involved with to make you feel as if you are the only person in the planet with them and be completely dedicated to you.  


Your fifth house of romantic love is governed by Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, just like Taurus, and in a very simplistic kind of way, people under these signs tend to make quite a couple. Having your fifth house ruled by Virgo also tells us that you want your partner to be attentive when it comes to your needs. You also don’t want your partner to be all over you. You tend to feel a little bit taken aback when it comes to people who openly displays their affection towards you which means you tend to be more attracted to the more timid  and shy types of people.


Libra rules your fifth house. You tend to be attracted to someone who are soft-spoken, someone who picks their words carefully and to someone who is good at maintaining harmony by engaging in mind-stimulating conversations. You as both intellectual people, resonate well on a mental level. Lastly, you are attracted to the fact that Libras do so well in avoiding conflicts at all cost and they want to discuss everything which makes them a good match.


Scorpio rules your fifth house so naturally, you and Scorpio make and ideal couple. You are both ruled by water. You both are very emotional and sensitive. You easily pick up people’s vibes and motivations. But what this says when it comes to love, you tend to keep your feelings hidden for long stretches of time and to keep them away from the person that you are interested in, because you are afraid to get hurt. Cancerians are known to have a soft interior and a hard shell. That hard shell is very prominent when it comes to love.


Your fifth house is ruled by Sagittarius. Your approach to love is very adventurous. You want to explore things with your partner like trying out new things or travelling the world with them. Through your partner, it’s as if you discover different sides to life and you also are likely to be attracted to foreigners or people from different cultures.


If you are a Virgo, Capricorn governs your fifth house. You are looking for someone who is humble, who is very traditional, very predictable to some degree because you dislike surprises in your life especially when it comes to your romantic life. This also indicates that you are attracted to people who are either more experienced in life or just pretty much older than you. You also don’t mind that your significant other is in a more authoritative position in your relationship.


Aquarius rules your fifth house, Libra. Aquarians and Librans are usually on the same intellectual vibe which makes them an ideal pairing romantically. Both of you are great talkers which leads to stimulating conversations that will lead to a more resonating partnership between you two. It’s also very likely that you are attracted to a type of person who is very outspoken, sometimes quite progressive in their views because you are a peacemaker; even though your opinions about a topic might be a bit extreme, you are less likely to voice them because you fear that this might give birth to arguments. However, Aquarius, or someone with Aquarian traits who usually speak their mind out with their radical or eccentric views leaves you wanting to get to know them more.


Your fifth house is ruled by Pisces. Scorpio plus Pisces makes a great pairing because you are both water signs. You are both sensitive and in tune with your emotions and both of you feel pain not many people feel it, therefore likely drawing them together because of that shared understanding.  You are more likely to choose a romantic interest that seems as if they are in need of saving. You also might be attracted to artistic types, the bohemian types.


If you’re a Sagittarius, your fifth house is ruled by the fiery Aries. What you are very likely to appreciate in a potential significant other is them being single-minded, being ready to experience anything and the willingness to throw themselves head on into anything . And in love in general, you might be actually willing to throw yourself head on into things and this might lead to a later fizzling out of passion. Commitment in the long term might come quite hard from a romantic perspective. There will always be people that will catch your interest, but you are more into the chase and not actually the fulfillment of being in a relationship because once you have them, you might just lose interest.


The fifth house of Capricorn is ruled by Taurus. So you guys will do very well together. You are much attuned to the earthly, materialistic side of life. You and Taurus, or people with Taurus traits pretty much care about the same things. Capricorn usually needs someone that will cater to their senses because there is usually pressure in them and they tend to feel it in their body, and they need someone who is very attentive and focused lover. Capricorns are very stable in their romantic relationships , they are all in once they commit to a person that they are attracted to and are in for the long run.


Your fifth house, Aquarius, is ruled by Gemini. Aquarians are usually attracted to a partner that is a great conversationalist. What they actually want from a romantic partner is intellectual stimulation, someone who they can discuss with their out of the box ideas. They are also attracted to partners who seem to be youthful and lively and fresh, someone very dynamic.


If you are a Pisces, your fifth house is governed by Cancer. Pisces and Cancer mesh well together but please, try to find some fire to the table because otherwise, you might find each other in a dark place emotionally because you both are very in tune with emotions of other people and it can affect your own internal balance. Pisces looks for someone they can resonate with in an emotional level. Someone that listens to them and understands what they are going through and who is always there and being supportive and nurturing. They also look for stability from a potential romantic partner.

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Your Complete Horoscope Guide for the Month of October

Find out your horoscope for the month of October

If you’re looking for a guide for this month’s horoscope, look no further as we are here to deliver the goods for you. We are here to discuss the cosmos for the month of October. The word ‘cosmos’ means order and beauty in Greek. To the Greeks, there was a beautiful order. The order itself of the heavens was beautiful and interestingly enough, we live in a culture where order and beauty have two different meanings and are not necessarily the same thing. This is an important but subtle at the same time, powerful concept because we live in a world where the cosmos is not inherently beautiful and it’s up to Man to make it aesthetically pleasing.

To discover what the whole month has in store for your zodiac signal at some point of the October planetary changes, take a look at out your astrology horoscope forecast below.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Relatively speaking, this is a quiet month in the heavens with not much crazy activity going on. This is the perfect time to find the right space in your life to relax. Take a little time off and just generally contemplate, look at your life and see what you feel is working and what areas need a little more effort or energy.

Relationship-wise,  there are a lot of activity this month. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are in there at the beginning of the month, which bodes well for you for finding peaceful interactions in your relationships, whether it may be romantic, familial, or even meeting a new friend. This bodes well when it comes to your finances as well.

When it comes to your finances, letting a new person into your life might bring some good news to your business or work life. There is potential for a new acquaintance to invest in a business you own, or for you to forge a new working relationship with that new person you just met.  This month is pretty much about your relationships, yourself, and how much you are going to learn how to trust people.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

This promises to be an exciting month for you, Taurus. It’s not tumultuous so there shouldn’t be any shocks, though Uranus is in your sign this month and is going to constantly give you a pat on your shoulder to stay awake in all aspects of your life especially the areas that are particularly uncomfortable to you right now. You know how it is when you get in the shower and a rush of ice-cold water covers you and it sucks for a moment, but then eventually it becomes refreshing. So if you can perceive all these changes that the universe is asking from you, are really very positive for you and get you out of the way from wasting your life away.

This month will be good for your work situation. Maybe some good news in your employment or business, some good energy when applying for a new job as well. It is also a good time to put some energy to your health and your physical wellness.

There will also be a huge energy focus on your relationships. Because you have been making a lot of changes, your relationships are going to change as well to keep up with the rate which you are growing personally. Here you get the wonderful opportunity to meet new people, to create harmony in your existing relationships. But remember, with Uranus in your sign, freedom is key. Anything that feels controlling or restrictive steer clear of them because it’s not really going to go well for you. It is vital that there is breathing space in all of your relationships. Both in your personal life and business life.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

A very warm welcome to your October horoscope, Gemini. Relatively speaking, it is more peaceful  up in the stars  this month for you. Although you will be very busy with many things as you always are, generally, it will be somewhat less chaotic.

The month starts out with a focus on creativity. Geminis are often good with speaking and communication. This is a wonderful time for making things; for teaching, for speaking, for writing. This is the perfect time for doing anything creative. It’s a wonderful time for doing anything that can put a smile on your face, that brings enjoyment and satisfaction to you.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

The heavens are relatively peaceful this month but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t going on. But the good thing is that there aren’t any serious retrogrades and no eclipses just yet, which means this month is an opportunity to really get yourself together. If things have gotten out of hand for you recently, this is a good month to really focus in on what’s important, and to get anything extraneous out of your system so that you can really move forward without any hindrances in your way.

This month puts a lot of focus in the home, the family. This is very important to you, Cancer, so this is a perfect opportunity to get your home environment cleaned up. Do something that will bring new energy into your home area for your family. This is an ideal time to communicate soothingly to patch up some past experiences if there are any in your family that might have been traumatic or difficult for you and be able to resolve it.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

The heavens are more gentler this month to you, Leo, giving you the opportunity to take a break if you can out of your busy life. This is the time for you to examine and change both your internal and external world.

This month gives you a great opportunity to learn or study something new. Maybe sign up for a seminar or a workshop that will provide new knowledge for you to learn. It’s very good for writing and for communications of any kind. This month is great for networking, for connecting with people, helping people, inspiring them. This month is also good with anything to do with technology. Anything that has to do with developing new skills that you may need or want.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

This month you have an opportunity to catch up to the things that might have gotten out of hand in your life, Virgo, you have the opportunity to get back in control of them as long as you remember to simplify things, and try not to hold on to too many things in one go. And also remember that nothing is ever perfect, at least not permanently. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just do the best you can and look and see and tell yourself how well you are doing.

This month is a good time financially for you. You might get a promotion or a bonus in your job. It is also a good time to maybe give yourself a treat, something that will make you feel good. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish or expensive, but something that will give you a sense of being pampered. It is also a very good time for studying your finances, looking at it in more detail. Are you overspending? Maybe you’re being too thrifty. Maybe you can bring balance to these which will make your life less stressful.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

In many ways, this is going to be an opportunity for you to slowly regain your balance, and that’s what Libras like to feel as though they have enough balance in all aspects in their life. This month gives you the chance to begin to shine your light, to begin to shine out, not to be necessarily always looking to please everybody, but looking at what pleases you, what brings you great joy and happiness in your life.

Your focus on this month is you, your self-development, your spiritual growth, finding yourself, and who you want to be for this coming year. This gives you the chance to set the tone now during this month. And as the month progresses there is an opportunity for you to grow your finances, this could be in the form of a good news in your job like a promotion, or an idea to bring in some extra income for your family. It is also really good a time to develop some skills and talents of yours that maybe have been set aside for a while now. This is the perfect time to remember to value yourself, to feel as though you deserve the things that you want to attain in your life like a good relationship, to be in a good financial situation, or a good career that you can enjoy.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

This month gives you an opportunity for letting things go, Scorpio. It is a good time for meditation; to remember to bring peace to yourself, and find that quiet place inside. As the month progresses this is a tremendous opportunity to really look at what do you want?

What is it that you want to create in your life for this coming year? There is a lot of awakenings for you this month to see, maybe unappealing patterns in your relationships, makings changes, renewing them for the better. This is also a good opportunity to love yourself and at the same time, to be very attractive to others, to create romance in your life if that is what you are looking for right now.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

This month is less turbulent for you compared to past months this year. It’s an opportunity to regain your equilibrium. To have various areas in your life into more of a state balance. It is also a good time for taking a little time out every day to be peaceful, to connect with the unseen energy around you, and to take that power into your day.

Sagittarius, you have many dreams, many wishes. It’s about time to take a look at these dreams and wishes and think, what is it you are hoping for in this year to come? What are the things you are excited about? What would you like to create? To share with people and inspire others? It’s also an opportunity to look at your social circle. You might meet some new friends, create some great new connections. The beginning of the month is a particular good time to connect with some new people. May it be in person, or on the web like in an online community, people with similar goals you have.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

This month focuses on your career, your life direction and what you are projecting out into the world. This is about you becoming aware of the light you can shine wherever you are, or whatever you are doing. If you are alive, and you are moving there is light in your body somewhere. But how you direct that light, what you give in every interaction with every person you meet, gives you the opportunity to create harmony understanding, and clear communication with everyone around you. This is also a good time to put energy into something in your work, like a project or decluttering  but really, putting some energy into something productive, because Capricorn, one thing you need is to feel productive and useful.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Finding spirituality and meaning in your life this month is a blessing for you, Aquarius. This is also a good time for higher learning of anything, expanding your knowledge in an existing area. It is also a good time to travel, for going on a trip or exploring new horizons and widening your perspective. You might also find romance in one of your journeys, be it spiritual or be it travelling in person somewhere.

As the month gradually moves along, everything moves from your potential spiritual journey, your quest for meaning, travelling and new perspectives to having the option to make some changes or adjustments to your career direction. This month might bring you some good news in terms of your job situation like a new project that you can sink your teeth in but certainly some opportunity for some new beginnings.   

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

This is a great time for you to study Astrology, Metaphysics, Psychology, getting to the bottom of things, past lives, channeling anything that really takes you deep. It is also a good time to release some negativity like releasing old traumas, fears, emotions, anything that affects you in a negative light you can let go of.

This month could also bring some good news on your financial situation, especially money coming from somebody else. Maybe an investment or some kind of financial support in some way. This is also a great time to go on a trip, to go to a place you have never been to before. It is also a good time to explore your spirituality and find new or reinvigorate meaning into your life. 

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The First House of Astrology: The House of Self

The first house symbolized the self, personality and how it appears to others.

In general, the first house governs our persona. The masks that we put on when go out into the world. It governs the first impression that we make on people and how the world perceives us, and is basically the lens in which the worlds sees us, but through which we also see the world. If we were to think of ourselves as say, a house, the first house and the rising sign is basically the front door, so it’s the point where everyone has to go through in order to get inside and it is also the point through which we have to get out in order to go out into the world.

The first house also governs our physical body and to an extent, our personality because the way the world reacts to us and the way we project ourselves into the world is obviously going to mould our personality to a certain extent because we still have innate qualities that are not shaped by our interaction with the world. If your sun is in the first house, it just means that when it comes to perception by others about you, what they see is what they get. The sun rules our ego and it rules what we aspire to be seen as, it’s the place where we basically shine. So a person with the sun in the first house might be used to get a lot of attention for who they are from a very young age. In addition to this, if the sun is in the first house, people (including yourself) might tend to see you as a natural born leader. They are very self-aware and self-conscious of what they are doing.

The moon is the entity which governs our emotions and makes us in tune with other people’s emotions, so a person with the moon in their first house might be seen as a natural protector who goes out into the world to take care of other people. If you have the moon in your first house, it can make you self-aware of other people’s feelings, their desires, their needs and can make you very responsive and adaptable towards them. This is a very sensitive placement so make sure you don’t spend time in the presence of energy vampires that absorb the energy out of you and can take advantage of this sensitivity.

If you have Venus in your first house, you are probably very lucky. This means you are probably very beautiful and attractive, no matter what you wear or put on people are going to be charmed by you. Venus in the first house can make someone very focused in bringing harmony in people’s lives. Some people can also be in a more severe situation where this situation can a person into a people pleaser. It can make you a little bit tentative because you don’t want to upset anyone and a potential drawback of Venus being in the first house would be that a person can have a self-indulgent attitude towards life because Venus also governs the senses so it can make you susceptible to overdoing things.

Mars in the first house makes someone very direct, very straightforward, though it can make them a tad bit aggressive in childhood and some people might see people having Mars in the first house as a bit of a bully, but once the person reaches maturity, it turns the aggressiveness into assertiveness with a very honest and direct persona. As long as you dial back the aggression, everything is going to be fine. You are the natural born warrior, though sometimes you can be seen as taking things from others using your strength.

A person with Mercury in the first house is a very curious person. This makes someone good at communication, they are naturally good with words, giving them the gift of gaff. It makes someone a great politician or a salesman, overall, a great orator. Having your mind stimulated all the time is something that defines you.

If you have Jupiter in the first house, you probably are protected by the universe. You are an optimist, because you probably think of yourself as very lucky which you probably are, because Jupiter is pretty much a god in astrology so it basically protects a person in an area in which it falls in the chart, giving you a very optimistic outlook in life. You might be the person who goes out to the world willing to explore and expand your knowledge and horizons. People having Jupiter in the first house can make fantastic mentors, like preachers or teachers that share their optimism and knowledge to others.

 Saturn is the exact opposite of Jupiter. If you have Saturn in your first house, in childhood you might have been told to be quiet, or you might not have been attended to and you might have felt like no one was paying attention to your needs, restricting your personality and expression that led you to keep to yourself. This has turned you into a very cautious, very careful in everything you do or say. You are probably a fantastic planner but you have reservations in putting yourself out in the open. Fear is a key factor here, which probably originated from your childhood. You might have to work with yourself to in order to muster the courage to show who you really are and not hold yourself back anymore.

If you have Uranus in your first house, you might have some Aquarian traits, since it’s the planet that governs Aquarius. You might be seen as different from a physical perspective, like maybe you are taller or shorter than other people. It can give you the impression from an early age that you are an outsider. But the best thing that can come out of this is that you will celebrate your uniqueness and individuality, that you are not like everyone else and you will push others to celebrate it as well. You are an eccentric cat, and you enjoy every moment of it. People might see you as having profound thoughts, being progressive and forward facing.

Pluto, like Saturn in the first house, can lead to having tendencies of having to deal with mental health issues. It can literally mean that at some point in your life, you will have a near-death experience, it can mean that when you came out into the world, it means that it might not have been easy for your mother to birth you out into the world. It could possibly mean early trauma in your life, and it could also mean that you are trying to hide who you really are from the world because what Pluto does is to suppress things. However, with Pluto in the first house, you are probably very street smart; no one can pull a fast one on you. You can see behind people’s motives, you can see through their words, and perceive their true intentions.

Lastly, if you have Neptune in the first house, you can have a very artistic outlook in life. You can be a mirror for other people to reflect themselves into. Your personality and ego can be very ethereal, it can be hard even for yourself to see who you are. However, you are very sensitive, very compassionate and generous. Be cautious not to be naive; Neptune in the first house can make someone quite innocent so be careful not to be taken advantage of. Everything Neptune touches it dissolves, so for you it dissolves the ego so it can make you very spiritual and very in tune with the universe. 

Aquarius: What Makes them Special?

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It rules the eleventh house in the zodiac chart. It’s modern ruler is Uranus and its ancient ruler is Saturn. Aquarius is a masculine air sign. The fact that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus gives birth to the genius in them. Uranus as you may or may not know, is the planet of brilliant ideas, of revolutionaries, of people that want to change the world. Saturn on the other hand, is their old ruler. From Saturn they get the determination to follow their goals,  to stick to what they know. This is also where they get their stubbornness, kind of akin to Capricorn. The fact that Aquarius is a fixed sign means that they are stubborn and outspoken, they stand up for their own opinions and believe in themselves a lot . Aquarians are determined and focus on their own goals, they don’t get distracted easily and they don’t really care what other people think.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Being the air signs that they are, along with Gemini and Libra in the Air Trinity, Aquarians are one of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac. Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac. At one point or another in their lives, they will realize that they need to do their best to change the world in one way or another. Aquarians are visionaries; they can see and predict changes that are likely to affect the world and can see very well into the future.

Aquarians are idealists; it’s in their nature to make the world a better place. They are huge champions of human rights , wanting to make sure that whatever is happening in the world is fair for everyone which is pretty much not the case, resulting to them spending their entire lives trying to make a difference in whatever community or social structure they are in. They want to see the world evolve because they are the sign that symbolizes evolution, of innovation, of progress.

Since Aquarius rules the eleventh house, it also rules friendships. Aquarians are very attached to friendships. At times it would seem that friends are more important to an Aquarius than their own family. To them, friends and family are on the same level, so they want to give a piece of themselves equally to every single person in their life and some.

The symbol of Aquarius is the symbol of the water bearer. That’s why people have an impression that Aquarius is a water sign, which could not be further from the truth. Aquarius is an air sign, attributing to Aquarians to seem cold and extremely detached, and attached they are. Because they are objective. They want to see things in the lens of sensibility and of their own mind. They don’t want emotions to interfere and at most times it doesn’t, so for example, a career in the judicial system or in law enforcement is ideal for them because they see things as it is, and their judgment usually are not clouded by internal thoughts that other signs might be plagued with. This is one of the reasons why Aquarians are very reluctant to give themselves away to other people from an emotional standpoint. This is why Aquarians tend to have relationships with other air signs such as themselves, Gemini and Libra, or in some cases, Virgos, because although it’s an earth sign, its ruled by Mercury which is the planet of communication which means they can get along well with each other.  

Aquarians are the rebels of the zodiac. They don’t care what other people think, they are just going to keep doing whatever it is they are doing because of the strong belief in themselves.  they tend to be eccentric people; wherever they go they stand out, and it’s not that they want to stand out necessarily for the sake of it like a Leo would do, but they attract attention because they are so unique than everyone else. At their highest, when they become aware that they are smarter or more special than everyone they know, the challenge becomes this: To share their knowledge to everyone they know and make an attempt to make the world a better place. Aquarians have come to this earth with a huge responsibility to enlighten people.