The first house symbolized the self, personality and how it appears to others.

In general, the first house governs our persona. The masks that we put on when go out into the world. It governs the first impression that we make on people and how the world perceives us, and is basically the lens in which the worlds sees us, but through which we also see the world. If we were to think of ourselves as say, a house, the first house and the rising sign is basically the front door, so it’s the point where everyone has to go through in order to get inside and it is also the point through which we have to get out in order to go out into the world.

The first house also governs our physical body and to an extent, our personality because the way the world reacts to us and the way we project ourselves into the world is obviously going to mould our personality to a certain extent because we still have innate qualities that are not shaped by our interaction with the world. If your sun is in the first house, it just means that when it comes to perception by others about you, what they see is what they get. The sun rules our ego and it rules what we aspire to be seen as, it’s the place where we basically shine. So a person with the sun in the first house might be used to get a lot of attention for who they are from a very young age. In addition to this, if the sun is in the first house, people (including yourself) might tend to see you as a natural born leader. They are very self-aware and self-conscious of what they are doing.

The moon is the entity which governs our emotions and makes us in tune with other people’s emotions, so a person with the moon in their first house might be seen as a natural protector who goes out into the world to take care of other people. If you have the moon in your first house, it can make you self-aware of other people’s feelings, their desires, their needs and can make you very responsive and adaptable towards them. This is a very sensitive placement so make sure you don’t spend time in the presence of energy vampires that absorb the energy out of you and can take advantage of this sensitivity.

If you have Venus in your first house, you are probably very lucky. This means you are probably very beautiful and attractive, no matter what you wear or put on people are going to be charmed by you. Venus in the first house can make someone very focused in bringing harmony in people’s lives. Some people can also be in a more severe situation where this situation can a person into a people pleaser. It can make you a little bit tentative because you don’t want to upset anyone and a potential drawback of Venus being in the first house would be that a person can have a self-indulgent attitude towards life because Venus also governs the senses so it can make you susceptible to overdoing things.

Mars in the first house makes someone very direct, very straightforward, though it can make them a tad bit aggressive in childhood and some people might see people having Mars in the first house as a bit of a bully, but once the person reaches maturity, it turns the aggressiveness into assertiveness with a very honest and direct persona. As long as you dial back the aggression, everything is going to be fine. You are the natural born warrior, though sometimes you can be seen as taking things from others using your strength.

A person with Mercury in the first house is a very curious person. This makes someone good at communication, they are naturally good with words, giving them the gift of gaff. It makes someone a great politician or a salesman, overall, a great orator. Having your mind stimulated all the time is something that defines you.

If you have Jupiter in the first house, you probably are protected by the universe. You are an optimist, because you probably think of yourself as very lucky which you probably are, because Jupiter is pretty much a god in astrology so it basically protects a person in an area in which it falls in the chart, giving you a very optimistic outlook in life. You might be the person who goes out to the world willing to explore and expand your knowledge and horizons. People having Jupiter in the first house can make fantastic mentors, like preachers or teachers that share their optimism and knowledge to others.

 Saturn is the exact opposite of Jupiter. If you have Saturn in your first house, in childhood you might have been told to be quiet, or you might not have been attended to and you might have felt like no one was paying attention to your needs, restricting your personality and expression that led you to keep to yourself. This has turned you into a very cautious, very careful in everything you do or say. You are probably a fantastic planner but you have reservations in putting yourself out in the open. Fear is a key factor here, which probably originated from your childhood. You might have to work with yourself to in order to muster the courage to show who you really are and not hold yourself back anymore.

If you have Uranus in your first house, you might have some Aquarian traits, since it’s the planet that governs Aquarius. You might be seen as different from a physical perspective, like maybe you are taller or shorter than other people. It can give you the impression from an early age that you are an outsider. But the best thing that can come out of this is that you will celebrate your uniqueness and individuality, that you are not like everyone else and you will push others to celebrate it as well. You are an eccentric cat, and you enjoy every moment of it. People might see you as having profound thoughts, being progressive and forward facing.

Pluto, like Saturn in the first house, can lead to having tendencies of having to deal with mental health issues. It can literally mean that at some point in your life, you will have a near-death experience, it can mean that when you came out into the world, it means that it might not have been easy for your mother to birth you out into the world. It could possibly mean early trauma in your life, and it could also mean that you are trying to hide who you really are from the world because what Pluto does is to suppress things. However, with Pluto in the first house, you are probably very street smart; no one can pull a fast one on you. You can see behind people’s motives, you can see through their words, and perceive their true intentions.

Lastly, if you have Neptune in the first house, you can have a very artistic outlook in life. You can be a mirror for other people to reflect themselves into. Your personality and ego can be very ethereal, it can be hard even for yourself to see who you are. However, you are very sensitive, very compassionate and generous. Be cautious not to be naive; Neptune in the first house can make someone quite innocent so be careful not to be taken advantage of. Everything Neptune touches it dissolves, so for you it dissolves the ego so it can make you very spiritual and very in tune with the universe. 

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