How does a person assess one’s love life according to their sign? There are two houses in astrology in particular that are concerned with a person’s significant other. These are the fifth house, and the seventh house. However, we are just going to refer to the fifth house. The fifth house is the house of romantic love, whereas the seventh house is the house of marriage and guess what, they are not both ruled by the same sign and they do equal each other therefore they are treated separately.


If you are an Aries, or an Aries rising sign, your fifth house is governed by Leo. This means you would be a great match for a Leo because fire signs gravitate toward each other. What this also tells about your love life is that you tend to have a very passionate approach towards it. You have a very warm display of affection and are very forthcoming when displaying your affections. However, you probably also have quite an ego when it comes to romantic affairs and you want the person you are romantically involved with to make you feel as if you are the only person in the planet with them and be completely dedicated to you.  


Your fifth house of romantic love is governed by Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, just like Taurus, and in a very simplistic kind of way, people under these signs tend to make quite a couple. Having your fifth house ruled by Virgo also tells us that you want your partner to be attentive when it comes to your needs. You also don’t want your partner to be all over you. You tend to feel a little bit taken aback when it comes to people who openly displays their affection towards you which means you tend to be more attracted to the more timid  and shy types of people.


Libra rules your fifth house. You tend to be attracted to someone who are soft-spoken, someone who picks their words carefully and to someone who is good at maintaining harmony by engaging in mind-stimulating conversations. You as both intellectual people, resonate well on a mental level. Lastly, you are attracted to the fact that Libras do so well in avoiding conflicts at all cost and they want to discuss everything which makes them a good match.


Scorpio rules your fifth house so naturally, you and Scorpio make and ideal couple. You are both ruled by water. You both are very emotional and sensitive. You easily pick up people’s vibes and motivations. But what this says when it comes to love, you tend to keep your feelings hidden for long stretches of time and to keep them away from the person that you are interested in, because you are afraid to get hurt. Cancerians are known to have a soft interior and a hard shell. That hard shell is very prominent when it comes to love.


Your fifth house is ruled by Sagittarius. Your approach to love is very adventurous. You want to explore things with your partner like trying out new things or travelling the world with them. Through your partner, it’s as if you discover different sides to life and you also are likely to be attracted to foreigners or people from different cultures.


If you are a Virgo, Capricorn governs your fifth house. You are looking for someone who is humble, who is very traditional, very predictable to some degree because you dislike surprises in your life especially when it comes to your romantic life. This also indicates that you are attracted to people who are either more experienced in life or just pretty much older than you. You also don’t mind that your significant other is in a more authoritative position in your relationship.


Aquarius rules your fifth house, Libra. Aquarians and Librans are usually on the same intellectual vibe which makes them an ideal pairing romantically. Both of you are great talkers which leads to stimulating conversations that will lead to a more resonating partnership between you two. It’s also very likely that you are attracted to a type of person who is very outspoken, sometimes quite progressive in their views because you are a peacemaker; even though your opinions about a topic might be a bit extreme, you are less likely to voice them because you fear that this might give birth to arguments. However, Aquarius, or someone with Aquarian traits who usually speak their mind out with their radical or eccentric views leaves you wanting to get to know them more.


Your fifth house is ruled by Pisces. Scorpio plus Pisces makes a great pairing because you are both water signs. You are both sensitive and in tune with your emotions and both of you feel pain not many people feel it, therefore likely drawing them together because of that shared understanding.  You are more likely to choose a romantic interest that seems as if they are in need of saving. You also might be attracted to artistic types, the bohemian types.


If you’re a Sagittarius, your fifth house is ruled by the fiery Aries. What you are very likely to appreciate in a potential significant other is them being single-minded, being ready to experience anything and the willingness to throw themselves head on into anything . And in love in general, you might be actually willing to throw yourself head on into things and this might lead to a later fizzling out of passion. Commitment in the long term might come quite hard from a romantic perspective. There will always be people that will catch your interest, but you are more into the chase and not actually the fulfillment of being in a relationship because once you have them, you might just lose interest.


The fifth house of Capricorn is ruled by Taurus. So you guys will do very well together. You are much attuned to the earthly, materialistic side of life. You and Taurus, or people with Taurus traits pretty much care about the same things. Capricorn usually needs someone that will cater to their senses because there is usually pressure in them and they tend to feel it in their body, and they need someone who is very attentive and focused lover. Capricorns are very stable in their romantic relationships , they are all in once they commit to a person that they are attracted to and are in for the long run.


Your fifth house, Aquarius, is ruled by Gemini. Aquarians are usually attracted to a partner that is a great conversationalist. What they actually want from a romantic partner is intellectual stimulation, someone who they can discuss with their out of the box ideas. They are also attracted to partners who seem to be youthful and lively and fresh, someone very dynamic.


If you are a Pisces, your fifth house is governed by Cancer. Pisces and Cancer mesh well together but please, try to find some fire to the table because otherwise, you might find each other in a dark place emotionally because you both are very in tune with emotions of other people and it can affect your own internal balance. Pisces looks for someone they can resonate with in an emotional level. Someone that listens to them and understands what they are going through and who is always there and being supportive and nurturing. They also look for stability from a potential romantic partner.

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