Oxes may appear docile, but watch out! They also have quite a temper. They are extremely determined and work tirelessly to get what they want. Step by step and piece by piece, they move steadily toward their goals. People born under the sign of the Ox are dependable and stick to a routine until the job is done. They are fair-minded and good listeners, but they can also be extremely stubborn.

Indeed, because of their trustworthy character, Oxes will often hold  positions of authority and responsibility. They always get ahead in the world. They must be careful not to become slaves to their jobs or profession. Oxes can be forceful leaders and eloquent speakers when the occasion arises. In troubled times they will have great presence of mind and will never be intimidated. They are very proud souls. Oxes are systematic and respect traditions. They mistrust things they don’t understand,and they hate loose ends.They can also be vulnerable in romance. They are so straightforward that they don’t relate to the love games others play. Since it takes a long time to develop intimate relationships, Oxes like long courtships. Once they have made up their minds, they are loyal and giving-almost to a fault.

Ox are neat and punctual, honest and hard working. Oxes make ideal mates since they always do more than their share. They have a long memory and remember the little details others miss. Once Oxes are angry with you, they will carry their grievance a long way. When they are unhappy or upset, they will bury themselves in their work until they feel better. Oxes always pay their debts. If they owe you anything, they will never forgive themselves until the debt is paid. They always remember a favor, and though they don’t use flowery words,they will show their appreciation in other ways. Their actions speak louder than words.

When Oxes lose their temper, they really lose it! There will be no reasoning with them, so get out of their way until they cool off. Always appeal to the head rather than to the heart of the Oxes. They quickly understand the pros and cons to the situation. Oxes seldom get sick and are not tolerant of weaker people. They should learn how to relax more.

Oxes hate to ask for help. If it takes them twice as long to accomplish something, they still prefer working alone. They want things to last and build them with care. Oxes love their home and family and provide well for them. They do well at long term investments with stability and firm foundations. They are definitely not gamblers. Oxes earn their success by their own merits and don’t expect any free rides.

牛 (niu) is pronounced ‘new’

    * 19 February 1901 – 7 February 1902: Metal Ox
    * 6 February 1913 – 25 January 1914: Water Ox
    * 25 January 1925 – 12 February 1926: Wood Ox
    * 11 February 1937 – 30 January 1938: Fire Ox
    * 29 January 1949 – 16 February 1950: Earth Ox
    * 15 February 1961 – 4 February 1962: Metal Ox
    * 3 February 1973 – 22 January 1974: Water Ox
    * 20 February 1985 – 8 February 1986: Wood Ox
    * 7 February 1997 – 28 January 1998: Fire Ox
    * 26 January 2009 – 14 February 2010: Earth Ox
    * 2021 – 2022: Metal Ox
    * 2033 – 2034: Water Ox

(Every 12 years)