Rats are both charming and aggressive. They appear calm and well balanced on the surface, but underneath, they are restless and a little nervous. Rats are compatible,hard working, and they know how to hang on to a penny. They are never without admirers. They are very appealing.They have a bright and happy personality,and this keeps them busy socially.They love parties and other large gatherings. They like belonging to exclusive clubs and will often have a close circle of fellow conspirators.They like involvement and are very outgoing. Rats cherish friends and loved ones. For this reason,they often get entangled with others’problems and lives.

Rats love money and are quite shrewd where a buck is concerned. It is a hard task to separate Rats from their money. However, Rats can be very generous when their loved ones are concerned. Relatives are always welcome. Rats are definitely clannish and clever. With all these people around, Rats always find tasks for them to earn their keep. People will be put to work quickly in the Rat’s house. Rats know how to keep a secret, if it’s their own,but they are adept at finding out what others try to keep to themselves, and Rats wouldn’t be above using the information if it were to their benefit.

One can always tell when Rats are upset. They become edgy,very nervous, and quite nagging. Rats are always taken by a bargain. They often buy things they don’t need and tend to save everything. Souvenirs and sentimental odds and ends are found tucked away everywhere.

Since they make it a point to know everything about everybody, Rats are excellent writers. They have a good memory and are extremely inquisitive. Rats can be successful in almost everything they try to do. They easily adapt themselves to the situation at hand. They are at their best during any crisis and are great problem solvers. Rats are very level headed and are also very alert. Their intuition is strong and are always on the lookout for opportunities to better themselves. Rats seldom get into jams they can’t escape since they cover themselves well in advance.They have a built in alarm system.

One of the Rat’s biggest fault is that they try to do too much at once. They often scatter their energies and get nothing accomplished. Once they learn to finish what they have started,there is no stopping them from being successful. The Rat must also watch those fast deals and those great bargains. In these areas their judgment may fail them. They must not become too greedy,or they will suffer a financial blow or two.

Rats have great respect for their parents and dote on their own children. They love their home. Family life is very important to them. Rats born during the evening are tempted to a more hectic life than those born during the day.

Rats learn early, quickly, and are avid readers. They know how to express themselves well-both written and orally. Given the slightest chance, Rats can make a success of their lives.

老鼠 (lao shu) is pronounced lao as in ‘lou’d & ‘shoe’

    * 31 January 1900 – 18 February 1901: Metal Rat
    * 10 February 1912 – 5 February 1913: Water Rat
    * 5 February 1924 – 24 January 1925: Wood Rat
    * 24 January 1936 – 10 February 1937: Fire Rat
    * 10 February 1948 – 28 January 1949: Earth Rat
    * 28 January 1960 – 14 February 1961: Metal Rat
    * 15 February 1972 – 2 February 1973: Water Rat
    * 2 February 1984 – 19 February 1985: Wood Rat
    * 18 February 1996 – 6 February 1997: Fire Rat
    * 7 February 2008 – 25 January 2009: Earth Rat
    * 24 January 2020 – 2021: Metal Rat

(Every 12 years)